2 pint cans of condensed milk
   1/2 cupful of seeded raisins
   1/2 pound of sugar
    24 almonds that have been blanched and chopped
     2 ounces of shredded citron
   1/4 pound of candied cherries
     2 teaspoonfuls of vanilla
     2 tablespoonfuls of sherry
   1/2 pint of water
       Yolks of four eggs

Put milk in a double boiler over the fire, and stir until the milk is thoroughly heated; add the yolks of the eggs and the sugar beaten together, cook until it begins to thicken, take from the fire and strain. When cold, add the citron, raisins, the cherries cut into quarters, the almonds, vanilla and sherry. When this is perfectly cold, freeze as directed. Do not repack or allow the mixture to stand in the freezer more than a half hour.

Serve plain or with Montrose Sauce.

One quart of good rich milk may be used in place of the condensed milk.

This will serve twelve persons.


Make a quart of vanilla ice cream and stir into it a pint of cream whipped to a stiff froth. Line round stiff paper charlotte boxes with lady fingers, fill them with the iced mixture, and place them at once in a can or bucket packed in salt and ice to freeze for one or two hours.

This quantity will fill twelve boxes.


Fill stem ice cream dishes half full with caramel ice cream; on top put a layer of vanilla ice cream. Smooth it down and dust thickly with toasted pecan nuts chopped fine.

A pint of each cream will fill six dishes.